Sunday, January 2, 2011

Laugh it Up!

Why do we laugh? What makes you laugh? Why do some people laugh at something when others don’t? Why is it that sometimes you just can’t stop laughing? Are there situations when we shouldn’t laugh? (If you’ve ever seen anyone with milk spraying out the nose, you know very well that sometimes laughing just isn’t a very good idea!) What do the scriptures say about laughing? D&C 88:121 says we should “cease from all . . . light speeches [and] from all laughter.” But then Ecclesiastes 3:1, 4 tells us, “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. . . . A time to weep, and a time to laugh.” Using his own trademark sense of humor, popular speaker Andrew Horton shows us that there may be times when humor and laughter might not be appropriate. But he also points out the real physical and emotional benefits of laughter, especially when we learn to laugh at ourselves — times when laughter truly is the best medicine. So if you need an escape from the more serious side of life or if your funny bone could use a little tickling, get ready to Laugh It Up! with Andrew Horton!

Friday, May 9, 2008

After Graduation- Hardback Book or Talk on CD

With the power of the scriptures, personal stories, and his trademark sense of humor, Andrew Horton shares his ideas for success for high school graduates.

“You’re graduating from high school? Well, it’s about time!” says Andrew Horton. “In fact, it’s all about time, isn’t it?” As youth of the Church, you have been told by a prophet of God, “The decisions you make now will determine much of what will follow during your life and throughout eternity.” As a high school graduate, you are at a crucial decision-making time in your life—and the clock is ticking. What are you going to do with your time?

The Apostle Peter left the ship so he could try to walk on water to Jesus. You are probably eager to “walk on water” yourself. But leaving the comfort of the ship (high school) may bring some new challenges—some wind and some waves and maybe even some big storms. After Graduation: Sinking, Swimming, or Walking on Water provides guidance to help you keep your head above water, set some goals for success, and, with the Lord’s help, become more like the Savior.

You Are Peculiar- Talk on CD

Favorite Stories for Youth

Today’s youth are being blasted with a constant barrage of negative and worldly messages designed to bring them down and make them forget their royal heritage. You can help arm these latter-day stripling warriors with positive influences—inspiring and entertaining stories selected especially for them. They’ll hear favorites from popular youth speakers like Curtis Jacobs, Jack Christianson, Troy Dunn, Jack Marshall, Diana Hoelscher, Andy Horton, Hyrum Smith, and more. This 2-CD set will be a great supplement for family home evening lessons, youth classes, or family vacations. Many of the stories will make them laugh; others will make them think; but all will help them remember who they are...that they are both special and peculiar.
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Getting Past Imperfect-Talk on CD

In Getting Past Imperfect, Brother Horton uses just the right amount of humor and enlightening experiences to teach teens to follow the Savior’s invitation to “Repent, . . . and come unto me . . . that ye may stand spotless before me at the last day” (3 Nephi 27:20). “We all do dumb things and end up in the pit of life,” says Brother Horton. “Changing our lives through the Savior is the only thing that can get us out of the pit and help us become clean and spotless again.” Brother Horton challenges teens to use the tools provided by latter-day prophets to shield them from sin. “But remember,” Brother Horton says, “when you trip in life and fall down and make mistakes, the most important thing to do is to reach upward. You will find relief through the Savior.”
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Sticks and Stones- Talk on CD

Have you ever done something really dumb and later wondered, “Why did I do that?” In this entertaining and inspiring talk, popular speaker Andy Horton reminds youth that if they will be loyal to their noble heritage and the royal name they have taken upon themselves, they can avoid the dumb mistakes of life. Using his trademark humor, powerful stories, and enlightening scriptures, Brother Horton helps youth be a light to the world and stay strong against negative peer pressure. “You have been given a very unique kingdom as a prince or a princess of your Heavenly Father,” says Brother Horton, “and you can’t afford to let anyone else govern your kingdom or make decisions for you.” He teaches that if youth will involve the Savior in their lives it will change their lives forever. “Any trial you have can be overcome. Any righteous goal you set can be achieved if you are teamed up with the heavenly King.”
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On-Target Dating- Talk on CD

If you heard that two-thirds of all cruise ships were doomed to shipwreck and failure, would you want to take a cruise? Unfortunately, the statistics for marriage are equally frightening. Popular speaker Andy Horton says, “If you want your marriage to survive later in life, you need to work on it before you get married, during the dating years. Dating without direction is like boarding a sinking ship.”

Using humorous stories and inspirational quotes and scriptures, Brother Horton helps youth understand how careful dating can help them avoid rough waters in the future. This entertaining and inspirational talk brings a message that youth will love and parents will welcome.
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